Lauren Gardner

OK, but why?

Lauren Gardner


School For Poetic Computation | 2015

School for Poetic Computation (SFPC) is an artist run school based in New York. It’s a hybrid of a school, residency and research group. Each year a small group of students and faculty work closely to explore the intersections of code, design, hardware and theory — focusing especially on artistic intervention.

Babycastles Summit | 2012

Co-Organizer of the Babycastles Summit, a three-day series exploring innovation in interactive media and human interaction. The weekend long summit included over 80+ talks, panels, hands-on workshops, 25+ bands and DJs highlighting five original physical game installations designed by Keita Takahashi, game designer of Katamari Damacy, which were presented as a full-floor play-scape installation in the top

Bra Button | 2012

A custom, bra-based game controller built to both play and celebrate the launch of Anna Anthropy’s game Duck Duck Poison at an event organized by Babycastles and held at the DIY music and art venue Secret Project Robot in 2012. ‘Duck Duck Poison’ is a four player video game based on the folk game duck duck goose. To win the game

Thumpy | 2010

“Thumpy” the one button object. A handmade crochet heart that when squeezed provided a physical ‘thumping’ vibration. Made for ‘One Button Objects: Kokoromi + Create Digital Motion‘ and displayed at the 2010 Game Developer Conference in conjunction with GAMMA IV, One Button Games. A reminder that simple things can be playful and meaningful. “In an age of

Broken Heart Refund | 2009

A website encouraging people with broken hearts to trust me with their physical address. Those that did received a hand-made gift and note in return. My reaction to the impersonal nature of the internet and an experiment to see if it can be used to connect people in non-digital ways.