Lauren Gardner

OK, but why?

Thumpy | 2010


“Thumpy” the one button object. A handmade crochet heart that when squeezed provided a physical ‘thumping’ vibration. Made for ‘One Button Objects: Kokoromi + Create Digital Motion‘ and displayed at the 2010 Game Developer Conference in conjunction with GAMMA IV, One Button Games.

A reminder that simple things can be playful and meaningful.


Heather Kelley and Thumpy at GDC

“In an age of sophisticated multi-touch, augmented reality, and sensors, what can be done with a single, lowly button? Inspired by a one-button challenge to game designers for the Gamma game competition, a group of artists, working with sound, interaction, light, and gaming, answers that question. From a plush, beating heart to a drinking game to one-button musical instruments, these handmade circuit objects push the envelope of what a single button can do.”